Based on belief, knowledge & practice,
Eearth is a new counter-culture for the Anthropocene
devoted to environmental sustainability & well-being for all.

Ecophiny and Empathy Generator

An ecophiny is an ecological ephiphany - an emotional / spiritual realisation that humans are an integral part of nature, and that we must change our ways if we want to live in balance with her. If we can foster Mass Ecophiny, enrolling millions of people into action for sustainability, we can save the planet.

Visit the Ecophiny website.

This is a prototype empathy generator. It is designed to help you grow empathy for planet Earth's living systems. It is comprised of two short videos, set to music. At the beginning and the end is a simple statement.

For best results watch it all the way through without distraction. It runs for about four minutes. Soak it up.